A Murder-By-Month Mystery


For the next three months I have to work 50 hours, 6 days a week.  To cheer myself up I bought the newest instalment in A Murder-By-Month Mystery series called “January Thaw.”  I like mysteries and this series is so funny.  In my opinion it is so much better than Stephanie Plum books.  Also the main character works in a library, but she’s not a traditional librarian especially since she came by that job by accident.  She always gets in trouble, writes articles for a local newspaper and of course solves mysteries.  If you need a book to forget your troubles I highly recommend this series.  Can’t wait to see what Mira is up to now!



Today we saw “Philomena” and it was excellent. It is about an older Irish woman who is searching for her son who was taken away from her by the nuns and was given to adoption. She didn’t tell anyone about him for fifty years, but tried to find him on her own. She finally told her daughter who asked a journalist to help her mother find her lost son.
The acting and scenery were wonderful. Judi Dench is just perfect. The movie made laugh and cry at the same time. Highly, highly recommend it.